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GlassNet bags


NBTA GlassNet bags are designed specifically to meet the high standards and strict requirements Euro6 emission standard.

Previous solutions used in exhaust systems to reduce noise levels generated small amounts of toxins and CO during the process of melting or burning up. NBTA GlassNet bag is completely made of pure glass fiber  which makes it  100% glass fiber product. This feature makes the absorber do not generate any toxins or CO parts since very first time of heating or using muffler.

Technical Data

Basic material
ECR glass or E-glass
Application limit
~ 550 lub 760 °C
Softening point
840 / 916 °C
Fiber diameter
7 - 24 µm
creamy white

Supply data

no limits
Area weight
no limits
no limits

NBTA GlassNet bagis the solution for manufacturers who are looking for ecological exhaust systems and such one that does not generate any toxins, fumes, odors, or smoke during warm-up exhaust system. This also applies to those applications where the exhaust system (or silencer) is tested in the place of manufacture in terms that reflect the reality - the maritime industry, locomotives, specialized equipment, etc.

Europien Emission standard  Euro 6requires from OE manufacturers  very strict when it comes to reducing emissions of NOx and CO. In addition to interference with the engine, catalyst and DPF is also possible to eliminate the source of the toxin throughout the exhaust system (including silencers).

NBTA GlassNet bagsas opposed to current solutions during melting does not produce absolutely no toxins and CO, and are therefore ideal product for  exhaust systems designed in the standard Euro 6.

See product presentation NBTA GlassNet bag - download PDF