Mesh Bag

Offer - Filling materials


Mesh Bag is a knitted, sleeve-shaped bag made entirely of high temperature fiberglass with highly volumized glass fiber filling. Mesh Bags doesn’t emit any toxic gases, fumes or other pollutants during warm-up exhaust system. It is ideal product for exhaust systems designed in the EURO 6 and Euro 7 emission standards.

General data

Basic material ECR - glass
Application limit 760 °C
Oftening point 916 °C
Fiber diameter 13 - 30 µm
Color White
Combustion incombustible
Binder Lack
Smell No smell

Offered forms

Length no limits
Width no limits
Density from 80 to 120 g/l

Advantages of using Mesh Bags:

  • Fast and simple assembly.
  • Universal – possibility of using one reference in several models of exhaust systems.
  • Safe – Operator has limited contact with the fiberglass, which reduced the risk of exposure of the worker to skin or eye irritation.
  • Less risk of leakage of  the exhaust system in the processes of welding, fusing and pressing the exhaust systems.