Offer - Filling materials


Different sizes and weights of polyethylene bags with insulating fiber inside. Operator pretty simple assembly bag into muffler chamber, after start up of engine, hot gas melts polyethylene bag and lose fiber fill out completely whole chamber.

General data:

Basic material E- glass ECR - glass
Application limit ~600 °C 760 °C
Oftening point 814 °C 916 °C
Fiber diameter 13 - 30 µm
Color white
Combustion incombustible

Supply data:

Dimensions no limits
Weights no limits
Shapes no limits

Advantages of using Microbags:

  • Guaranty weight of insulation per muffler is the same in each one,  so noise reduction of each muffler is replicate and controlled.
  • Significantly reduced time of muffler production process; labor consuming is lower and reduces costs
  • That is all well environmental solution ( no flying fibers, no WAST) during muffler asembly
  • Glass fibers absorbs 3-4 times less water then mineral wool – lower corrosion of the muffler
  • There is no “flying” all around fibers on the production line – operators has only contact with polyethylene bag delivered in paper cardboards