Filtration Glass Fiber Yarn – E-glass/ECR for industrial purposes

Offer - Filtration


Filtration Glass Fiber Yarn – E-glass/ECR for industrial purposes
Texturized, continuous glass fiber for “wound-filters” application.
Volumed and perfectly texturized glass fiber for producers of industrial wound filters. The Yarn is made of continuous fibers which reflects in winding process stability, less workplace pollution, and filtration parameters stability.

General data

Base material E-glass/ECR-glass
Application limit: to 550 ºC or 750 ºC
Melting point (PP bags) 780 ºC or 916 ºC 1h
Softening point 920 °C
Fiber diameter 7 - 24 µm
Color white
Combustion incombustible
Chemical resistance: Only ECR fibers

Supply data:

Dimensions 250mm or 500mm width bobins
Weights 1,2 and 5,5 kg
Cones Paper cones / no nones

Advantages of using continuous glass fiber yarns in filtration products:

  • Guaranteed weight stability of cartridges.
  • Significantly reduced time of cartridge production process; winding speed can be higher in comparison to other yarns made of short fibers
  • Cleaner production process solution ( no flying fibers, less WASTE) during winding process
  • Chemical corrosion resistance in ECR option.
  • Fibers are produced in Air Jet Technology which reduces the fiber sizing content in the end product.