MSA - Wool Bag Advantages

Offer - Marine Industry


Price Efficient Silencer noise damping material filled into bags (PP, PET foil, PP vlies).

Volumed and perfectly opened glass fiber, filled into PP foil bags or PP flies bags. Bag melts in early beggining of exhaust operation and the glass fiber is released into the exhaust chamber. Glass fiber is a perfect noise damping material and has got also a good temperature insulative properties.The MSA bag packaging provides a uniform glass fiber distribution in the exhaust chamber and prevents blowing off the fibers from the exhaust.

General data

Base material E-glass
Application limit: 600 °C
Melting point (PP bags) 160 ºC to 1h
Softening point 700 °C
Fiber diameter 7 - 24 µm
Color white
Combustion incombustible
Smell only on the first burning
Fumes only on the first burning of polypropylene

Supply data:

Dimensions on requirement
Weights 1,2 and 5 kg
Shapes rectangular

E-glass vs Basalt wool comparison

Parameter comparison Mineral wool Glass fiber
Continuous working temperature 600 °C 600 °C
Filling density   ≥120g/l 100 g/l (standard)
Acoustic during
deterioration  constant
Exhaust corrosion  worse  protection
Water absorbtion  High  Low
Noise damping
Good Better

E-glass fiber physical parameters

Property Unit E-Glass
Density  g/cm3 from 80 to 120
Poisson Coefficient - 0.25
Breaking Strength  MPa 2,4
Elongation % 3,5
Linear Expansion
10-6/K-1 9
Max. Operating
°C 600
Peak Temperature  °C 700 up to 30 minutes
Specific Heat at 20
°C K-1  720
at 20 °C
Wm-1. K-1  0.8

Mineral wool 8hrs in Gradient Furnance Test results

The picture above, presents the „blow out“ effect of the noise damping material based on Basalt Wool (short fibers). This problem determines worse noise damping properties of the silencer during it’s life time.

Vibration Comparison Test

  1. Place material in SS canister at test density
  2. Heat treat material for 8 hours at test temperature
  3. Place canisters on vibrating table for 48 hours
    a) > 8 g in vertical direction
    b) 1-2 g in both horizontal directions
    c) 60 Hz
  4. Remove sample from canister
  5. Weigh residue on bottom of canister

Corrosion of mineral wool filled muffler. Field Study

Advantages of using MSA bags

  • Easy weight controll of filled noise damping material into silencer chamber, by using weighted MSA bags.
  • Significantly reduced time of muffler production process; labor consuming is lower and reduces costs
  • Great solution which meets OSHA requirements (Health and Safety of Employees).
  • Glass fibers absorbs 3-4 times less water than mineral wool – lower corrosion of the muffler
  • There is no “flying” all around fibers on the production line – operators has only contact with polyethylene/polipropylene bag delivered in paper cardboard.