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Puls Biznesu Newspaper article: “We follow the path of success”

4 March 2022

The NBTA company (New Business Technology Automotive) is a manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulation parts and automotive components for exhaust systems for passenger cars, motors, ships, power generators, mowers, tractors, and construction machines, for both the primary and secondary markets. The company started its operations in 2007 with a typical garage production, exclusively for the secondary market located in Poland. In five years it appeared all over Europe. We talk about the company's development with its CEO, Krzysztof Hański.

In recent years, the development of NBTA has greatly accelerated. What was his driving force?

2017 was a turning point for us when we moved production to a new headquarters. Previously, the production area was 1,000 sq m, including 200 sq m. offices. In 2020, the seat of NBTA was expanded by another 1,500 sq m. production area and 200 sq m. sanitary and office space. Thanks to these investments, the current production area is 2,500 sq m, and the sanitary and office space is 400 sq m. This allows us to implement much larger projects. We always respond to the needs of the industry and the market, which is why the range of products in our offer changes along with their development. We started with the production of car mufflers and absorbers for the aftermarket. In order to meet the needs of customers, the new hall has been completely dedicated to the production of a new branch of products - insulation for thermal shields, which are currently used in most vehicles on both the primary and secondary market.

Our excellent team should also not be forgotten. Some employees have been with us since the inception of NBTA. We invest in improving their competencies, and we take care of the atmosphere through integration and a new incentive system, which has been positively received by employees.

Over the last three years, we have advanced by 2,412 places, taking the 25th place in the Lubuskie. In 2021, the company showed an impressive 150 percent increase in revenue.

You attach great importance to the innovation of the machine park. What new can you be proud of?

In 2022, a new, fully automated production line is built at NBTA. This is another innovation that will help us increase efficiency and improve the quality of manufactured parts. It will be the first such production on the European market. The new line will consist of a fully automatic press for cutting out fittings from fiberglass mats, receiving robots as well as packaging and transport systems. This solution will ensure high smoothness of work and uniform pressure when cutting even several layers with great precision and accuracy. The new NBTA production line will significantly minimize production waste by taking the mat directly from the roll, and the replaceable dies will allow for the production of almost any shape of insulating forms. In addition, the press is safe and quiet, thanks to which the comfort of work will be increased.

NBTA works mainly for the automotive industry. Faced with the climate crisis, this sector is facing enormous challenges.

We feel responsible for the natural environment, which is why we respond to restrictions, and environmental and emission standards related to the development of the industry. Due to this, we introduce products that are able to meet the highest requirements. One such product is Mesh Bag, which does not emit any toxic gases, exhaust gases, or other pollutants while the exhaust system warms up. It is one of the few materials that meet the stringent requirements of EURO 6 and EURO 7 emission standards.

Pro-ecological activities are part of our DNA. In 2020, we invested in photovoltaic cells with a total capacity of 100 kW, which made us completely self-sufficient in energy and we do not contribute to the formation of a carbon footprint. Thanks to our unique solutions, we have not removed any waste for about eight years, even though its processing is much more expensive than disposal. In the coming years, we plan to implement the ISO 14001 environmental system.

The company also did a great job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paradoxically, the time of the pandemic was fruitful for us and had a positive impact on the company. Since 2019, i.e. from the beginning of the pandemic, turnover has increased by over 100%. While companies in the industry had downtime, we didn't even stop production for a day. As a consequence, we have implemented a three-shift system and we work six days a week. Great organization and the ability to deal with the crisis encourage us to plan far-reaching and ambitious investments in the future. With the electrification of the automotive industry in Europe, current NBTA customers producing exhaust systems and mufflers for internal combustion vehicles are slowly considering shifting production to other markets. It will therefore be a natural direction for the company's further development.