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First place in the Small Innovative Enterprises category in the Lubuskie

13 October 2022

Recently, we had the pleasure to participate in the Gala of the Economic Congress Lubuskie 2022 at the Lubuskie Theater. During the gala, the Economic Awards of the Marshal of the Lubuskie were presented for the most innovative enterprises in the region in the categories of Micro, Small, Medium, and Large enterprises.

The competition was aimed at promoting the best entrepreneurs of Lubuskie and inspiring their development, promoting pro-investment attitudes and specific innovative achievements, and increasing the competitiveness of entrepreneurs. It is also a form of distinction and promotion of innovative companies, products, technologies, and services that may accelerate the socio-economic development of Lubuskie. We are proud that we can boast of winning the first prize in the Innovative Small Enterprises category for the innovations we have introduced! It is a great honor. Thank you for appreciating the work of our team!

Thanks and congratulations from the mayor of Sulechów

"NBTA Ltd. received an award for the production of Mesh Bags, i.e. fiberglass bags in exhaust systems that do not emit toxic gases, exhausts, or other pollutants during engine operation, for the method of producing a roving mat from continuous texturized fiber and for minimizing post-production waste "- we can read on the official website of the Lubuskie.